Hello world!

This is rather daunting because this is the first time I will be blogging under my full name. I do have pseudonyms and I’m happy to share them as appropriate.

Originally I’d laid this site out to become my professional site for work and university. I’m currently undertaking my Masters/PhD in Languages, Literature, Culture and Communications and as such I have very tentatively begun a blog called, The Poet Reflected, which is a working space to explore some of the growing body of work on the Philosophic Yeats (William Butler Yeats). So as you can imagine I am indeed an English Literature student, I’m switching from my MA by Research to a PhD this year as such it will be my second year of a four year programme.

Academically I’m intrigued by themes addressing; liminality, modernity, queer theory, gender performance, voice and identity, as well as dystopic narratives.

I think that with time I might forego the professional blogging from here and direct it all through The Poet Reflected. Realistically there is a enough scope to do so and I have been interested in personal blogging and creative stuff for some time. I have recently started working on my poetry through Poetry Zoo, and I have some notes for short story work which seem to be better placed on a blog for the time being.

Creatively, I’ve been rather neglectful of my creative writing and suffered for it. As I get a better sense of where I’m at with it I shall keep you abreast dear reader.

If anyone has any good links for creative writers, artists and other fabulous people I’d very much appreciate posting below. Links to bloggers or sites like Poetry Zoo are all good. I’ll redesign the site layout in a little while to match the new direction. Please bare with me as I attempt to decide what to do with this space.


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