Sinann’s Story

In her breast her heart beat,
She, determined and without regret,
To steal away by clandestine might,
All the secrets kept in night.
A daughter of the ancient world,
The waters of the ancient Well whirled,
Dancing round her, transforming,
And transcending all conformity.
The wise men could say naught,
As she was taught,
To see the magics of the land, sea and sky,
And hear the oldest of unspoken cries.
Daughter of the deep,
Whose devouring of the hazels,
Came in no clear appraisal,
Yet inspire wisdom and knowledge
Of the elements, in and out of magical college.
Freedom of the form,
Which only creativity can inform,
Sinann, daughter of the deep,
Whose birthright it is,
To spare true wisdom,
From those whose wish,
It would be to covet and keep.


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