Winter Solstice

Tonight as the winter flame burns bright,
The hearth place is cast in light,
With Winter Solstice’s deep breath,
Hail Robin Redbreast.
Gather the tree ever green,
Gift the home and remind us of the Queen,
With the year now borne new,
Raise the up a glass of mulled wine;
Sing songs new as the Cupbearer calls.
So sing of times yet to come,
With the turning of the Wheel,
Let now be the time to start healing,
The promise of Light is renewed.
With the Earth still in slumber,
Dreaming of times in the past,
Let tonight be the night for reflection;
And releasing our wishes to the flame.
So now let us rejoice and make laughter,
For these are the times best to chase after,
Heeding the ancient sages advice,
And heed the passing season of ice,
With the descent of the old,
The rise of the reborn Sun,
We greet thee Deus Sol Invictus all,
With our voice our songs and calls.


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