The Formation and Aims of the Trans Writers Union

No Parties - for those who don't belong

Anna Walsh

Note: I do not represent the Trans Writers Union. Rather, the Trans Writers Union represents me, and as such my personal thoughts recorded here do not necessarily speak for other members of the TWU.

In the summer of 2020, it seemed as though every weekend culture magazine in Ireland was giving certain writers a platform to bait and needle trans people, or were offering support to those who actively called for our heads.

I was writing grant applications and submitting work everywhere at the time, to both Irish and UK journals and arts councils, as well as trying to keep some money coming into the household, and the pressure of all this made me feel as though I was going nuts. There is something equal parts destabilising and uniquely boring about seeing the
Big Literary Heads indulging in their fantasy worlds, and I do not mean the books…

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