The Poet Reflected:

Discussions of the works of William Butler Yeats. Brought forward based on my postgraduate degree studies on WBY, modernism and the occult.

International Yeats Society:

There has long been a pressing need for an international society focusing on Yeats and his wide circles of influence and connection. The International Yeats Society, with an affiliated publication and conference, will achieve several purposes:

  • allow a wide range of academic researchers to share and present their work, in progress as well as in finished form;
  • make that work widely and easily available;
  • facilitate communication amongst scholars, teachers, and postgraduate students;
  • foster productive teams of researchers, especially across national borders;
  • advance awareness of Yeats studies in wider academic and public communities; and
  • promote the study of Yeats as well as Irish literature and culture, in a global context.

Yeats 2015:

Celebrating 150 years since the birth of this great literary figure, Yeats2015 (#Yeats2015) will have events around the world to commemorate the life and works of this man. Check out YeatsDay2015 for more information.

Bookworm Ninja:

BN brings some new and fun book reviews your way. Check out their blog and make some comments.