Time once was when love was free,
And we all could be,
Where friendships were nourished,
And happiness cherished,
That was then for me.


How could things change?
With such depth and range,
Such is the ebbing and flow of the sea,
That you and I can no longer agree,
On what is and is not so.


Once where I was nourished thrice,
There came a Winter and great ice,
Like a howling wind our words
Upon two tides could not be bore,
And neither of brought ashore.


Should I remain adrift,
I fear no land or cliff,
Who fears the perilous shore?
When life is shaken to the core,
Far beyond all reach…

– Originally posted on ‘MrAbhainn’ on January 10, 2013



In three rivers,
My soul shall grow,
My body nourished,
And my Spirit cherished.

In three rivers,
Myself known,
Reflections cast,
And illusions torn.

In three rivers,
Dark and Light held in renown,
With one as many,
And many as one.

In three rivers,
Family, friends and lovers known,
My body nourished,
And my Spirit cherished.