My Name, My Life

Inspired by The Ogham Stone I decided to commit myself to working on this piece. It is really a concept piece exploring the meanings behind the Ogam Fid and construction of my own name. I chose the Irish spelling of my name because of the uses of names in Irish while exploring an Irish concept such as the Ogam fid, but also because as my own self-created image I wanted to see how “linked in” to the past I would feel.

Níall Mac Siúrtáin

My Name, My Life

Nuin, the final flush – a birth from the Mother

Idad, the greatest change – an epidural of sorts

Ailm, the call to life – primordial aspirate

Luis, times two – is the blaze of life,

And a herb of medicine to make it right.


Muin, a journey by which all my forebears have come

Ailm, the ancestral tree from which I hail,

Cert, a wish upon a rag-bush – to pacify the Good Folk.


Straif, the biological and chemical change begun

Idad, a circle completing itself, leading to True Alchemy

Úr, toward the mighty north – the cold earthly sphere.

Ruis, the now, ever present evening twilight

Tinne, the tested metal of tradition – the bar to strive for!

Ailm, now completes my call – to those whose voice now lingers in old Halls.

Idad – final poultice for a life well lived

Nuin, and a rebirth to wander a child of earth beneath starry skies.


Níall Mac Siúrtain, a name of many meanings

With masks and performances all too trite!